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Unlock the Treasures of Mind – Sister Shivani

  • Published on May 02, 2022
Unlock the Treasures of Mind – Sister Shivani

Delete negativity and add control to your mind

Birla Fertility & IVF, along with CK Birla, organized an insightful and engaging event where Sister Shivani shared with all that how one can unlock the treasures of the mind, and this spiritual event was surely a mind-altering event for many. She is a great mentor, a guru, and an inspiration for all. 

Sister Shivani at this event talks about how one can control their mind and body because your body hears what your mind says. So whatever your mind says, your body can hear it, and whatever your body hears, that is what it starts to become. 

Have you ever wondered where and how the health of our body is controlled? Our mind controls it, and that is why whenever you visit a doctor, the first and last thing they suggest, even after writing a prescription, is….. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, take care of yourself or take less stress in your life, or don’t let your mind overpower you, or it can affect your body.


What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is what we eat, what we drink, how we exercise, and our sleep cycle, and this is where we stop. But we have to realise that a healthy lifestyle is not restricted to just these things. Because even after doing all the mentioned things, we still visit a doctor to ask why I am being diagnosed with a condition or disease even when I lead a very healthy lifestyle. 

Then the doctor will state it is because of stress, i.e., your mind is what is affecting your health. So controlling your mind, what to think, how to think, how much to think, and when to stop thinking about things that aren’t in your control is what is essential to keep your mind and body healthy. 

To lead a healthy lifestyle, what is important is to have the strength to make a choice. A choice of what to think, when to think, and how much to think and to realise how invaluable it is to think about the past versus the present and future, which can actually assist in improving the mind and body. So always remember that the remote of your mind is in your hands. 

Sister Shivani emphasised on the word “suddenly”, there are things in life over which we have no control. No matter how much you prepare for something for days or even for months. But in just a blink of an eye, anything can happen suddenly. It clearly indicates one was not prepared for it. The amount of importance we place on things that happen suddenly disturbs our minds and bodies. We let the situation overpower us. So, no matter what the topic is, do not give anyone else the authority to decide the intensity of the situation. 

A famous author once said,

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go, simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weight to my ankles”.

It means, for our own peace of mind, it is essential for us to let go of things that are heavy for our minds, as it not only affects our minds but our body. 

What matters is positive energy, the positive aura that you generate and for bringing this positive energy into your mind and body, let go of every thought that isn’t pushing your mind in a positive and healthy direction. 

Sister Shivani shares her thoughts that even though our medical science is way too modernised and advanced that it can heal any condition that has affected the body. And even after the doctor has fully treated the patient .. the one thing they always say is ‘take care of your lifestyle.’ That means cleaning everything in your mind because if we do not clear the blockage, the stiffness of our mind, the vibrations that will keep on affecting the body, and these vibrations will start manifesting in our body, thereby leading to several known and unknown diseases. 

If we clean our minds every day we start letting go of things that are of no importance, then truly, we as individuals have the potential to unlock the treasures of our minds. 


What type of energy should our mind transfer to our body?

  • Happy energy
  • Calm energy
  • Peace energy
  • Blessings energy
  • Gratitude energy

Type of energy transferred to the body in form of creative quoted by sister shivani

What energy should not be given is the energy of constantly complaining and bickering over unimportant things that have no value in real life. It spoils not only our peace of mind but also our environment. For example:- The vibrations generated from your mind affect not only you but also your own family, the people you live with. 

If you take care of your mind, you will realise that no matter what occurs, you will be able to keep control over your life, just as others are able to establish control over theirs. This is because you are alone accountable for your thinking and actions; and are not responsible for others’ thoughts or behaviours. Because even if others forget to follow the rules of life, you have to be determined to follow your rules. 

So, the 1st rule to follow in life would be to ‘take care of what you think because that is the only way to control your life and mind. Someone once said, “life is not about expecting, hoping, and wishing from anyone it is about doing, being, and becoming.” It is about the choices you have and are going to make about the things you choose to say.


Have we ever wondered who is creating our thoughts?

YOU, you are responsible for your thoughts, you are responsible for what is going on in your mind. If you are able to control your mind, then the vibrations from your mind will not affect your body, thereby decreasing the chances of bodily damage.

Physically where we are sitting and what I am doing really does not make any difference, but how much and where our mind is sitting matters, what my mind is absorbing matters. 

So what is happening on the outside is entirely different from what is happening on the inside. Sister Shivani said there are two different worlds one is the outside world, and the other is the inside world where our mind is. Today, the functioning of these worlds is such that the outer world controls our inner world. And so, if we start taking care of the inside and get our inside world right, then the outside world will automatically fall into place.

flowchart depicting tree of life in three steps quoted by sister shivani

What is the source of our thoughts?

The source of our thoughts is the content we consume. If we talk about the type of content that was consumed in the early 80s or 90s was very different from what is being consumed by today’s generation. 


How is today’s generation more affected by mental issues?

  • More involved in wrong social media content
  • Less interaction with the real world
  • Constantly under peer pressure
  • Always finding ways of revenge (mind filled with hatred)

What you watch, read and listen to is what your mind and body will become. The type of content one is consuming today is more of anger, fear, criticism, violence, disrespectful or rude humour, lust, greed, and pain. If the quality of content we consume is on the negative lower vibration energy, then it is surely toxic for the mind and body.

So, before treating our bodies with the medicines, let’s start treating our minds. Let’s make sure to consume content that generates positive energy only. 

Whether you are undergoing any treatment, be it treatment for any disease or even IVF, or for couples who are already expecting their angel should make sure to live a very healthy life both physically and mentally. This will help in keeping your mind relaxed, easy, clean, and light which will automatically make your body healthy. 

Sister Shivani sums up the occasion by adding, “Be it any situation, any problem, I am the creator of my thoughts, my mind is my own, so I release, delete, forgive and let go of all negative things from my mind. I am a powerful being, I am always happy, I have no expectations from others, I am ready to contribute my power and knowledge to others, I am fearless, I am relaxed, and my body is positive, perfect, and healthy.

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Written by:
Dr. Vaani Mehta

Dr. Vaani Mehta

Dr. Vaani Mehta is a fertility speacialist with more than 10 years of clinical experience. She specialises in laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries, alongside a comprehensive understanding of both male and female fertility issues. During her Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, she developed a special interest in patients with unexplained infertility and with poor ovarian reserve. Dr. Mehta's exceptional clinical acumen allows her to adeptly navigate through a spectrum of infertility-related issues, including PCOD, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, structural anomalies, tubal factors, and male infertility, among others. Dr. Vaani is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate patient care, ensuring each individual receives the support and attention they need throughout their fertility journey.

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