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Diet to avoid during IVF treatment Diet to avoid during IVF treatment

Diet to avoid during IVF treatment

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There is no specific diet for IVF success that can act as evidence to prove that what you eat will help with infertility treatment, but the diet you take does affect your health and further impacts the health of eggs and sperm. And, to have a healthy pregnancy, sperm and eggs must be in good health; therefore, a healthy diet plan for IVF is necessary. 

IVF procedures can be emotionally and physically intimidating, so below are certain foods to avoid during IVF that a woman should consider.

Raw eggs

Food products, like mayonnaise, biscuit cream, and salad dressing, include raw eggs and, therefore, should be avoided. Virus salmonella is present in raw eggs and can cause food poisoning. As a result, it is advisable to avoid eating raw eggs.

Artificial sweeteners

Women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant should avoid foods containing artificial sweeteners, such as saccharine. It is also harmful to your health in its natural form, and IVF success rates are lower when saccharin-based sweeteners are used. After consulting with the expert, as a safe alternative, you may consume sucralose-based sweeteners or any natural sweetening syrup instead.


Food containing refined sugar

Food high in refined sugar does make you feel good and gives a sugar rush, but it also puts pressure on the liver to create more insulin to keep the sugar level in check. The pressure on the body’s organs starts to intervene with our fertility.



According to research, excessive alcohol intake can have a negative impact on fertility, and it is the most common cause of abnormal ovulation in women. Alcohol not only impacts the health of eggs, but it also affects the fetus development.


Smoking is not only harmful to your lungs, but can also affect your fertility. As a result, one should consider quitting smoking before and during IVF treatment.


Seafood is high in protein and vital fatty acids, but eating it raw or half-cooked can lead to infection. Furthermore, seafood is high in mercury, which interferes with the development of the foetus and can lead to birth problems.



It is recommended to avoid caffeine while trying to conceive, and it may affect women and lead to a higher risk of miscarriage and low birth weight.


Is there any specific fruit to avoid when expecting?

Women should avoid papaya since it contains latex, which can cause premature contractions that are harmful to the baby.

What can you not do before and during IVF treatment?

It is essential to avoid substance usage like smoking, drinking and taking drugs to improve the success of the IVF treatment.

What activities should be avoided during IVF stimulation?

High-intensity training should be avoided during IVF stimulation because the ovaries are enlarging and expanding, leading to the risk of ovarian torsion.

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