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How can stress affect infertility How can stress affect infertility

How can stress affect infertility

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Stress and infertility

Stress and infertility research is both vital and contentious. Multiple types of research have been conducted to find the link between stress and infertility. The impact of stress on infertility is still somewhat controversial. It is true that lowering stress improves one’s quality of life when confronted with a strenuous situation.

Whenever there is a new study on stress and fertility, we always come across headlines claiming that stress is the reason you can’t conceive, even though the study didn’t prove that stress is the cause of it.

What effect stress has on infertility

Couples diagnosed with infertility may react to the stress of being unable to conceive by aggressively pursuing treatment. Others retreat and alienate themselves from their families, friends, and community. Neither of these extremes is suitable for patients trying to overcome infertility and start a family. 

Coping and relieving stress

There is no assurance that reducing stress in your life while undergoing infertility treatment will result in a pregnancy but will definitely help in coping and dealing with diagnosis and treatment. It can help you feel more in control and enhance your overall health.

When a couple’s stress level reduces, it allows them to patiently investigate, examine and analyse all the possibilities available to them with a fresh and clear mind.

Stress management is good for your health. While no one expects a couple to go through infertility treatment without being worried, therefore, learning stress-reduction tactics throughout treatment might be useful.

Popular stress-reducing techniques recommended

  • Yoga
  • Brisk walking 
  • Mindful meditation
  • Listening to music
  • Consulting an expert 
  • Aerobics 
  • Massage to relieve tension and stress
  • Muscle relaxing exercises
  • Reading positive and self-help books

Lastly, couples must look at their everyday stress levels and devise techniques to alleviate some of them. This effort will not only benefit the couple’s health but will also improve their capacity to conceive.


Can stress affect egg quality?

Though there aren’t any facts that stress does impact the egg quality, it may lead to some behavioural changes that may cause fertility problems.

Does overthinking affect the chances of getting pregnant?

It is very unlikely that overthinking will have any direct effect on the chances of being pregnant. But, it is always essential to focus on asking for help as and when needed.

Does stress delay ovulation?

It’s much more difficult for some hormones to be activated and released on time when you’re stressed in the days leading up to ovulation. As a result, your ovulation might be delayed due to stress.

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