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Second opinion can make a difference

When we talk about fertility, time is one of the most crucial things to look into, especially if you have been trying for a while and haven’t had any luck with conception. And in such cases, it is normal to opt for a second opinion. A second opinion can surely provide a fresh perspective and may help enlighten more on the issue of infertility and thereby help in improving the success of treatment.

Certain instances that may assist the couple in deciding when to ask second opinion IVF


  • If you feel uncomfortable with your current specialist

Being diagnosed with infertility is traumatising and devastating for a couple. And so if you rhino you need additional assistance or second opinion it is perfectly acceptable. Pay attention to your inner voice and trust your body and seek extra medical guidance as and when you feel necessary.


  • Multiple, failed IVF cycles with the same clinic 

Getting pregnant through IVF usually takes more than one IVF cycle, but if you experience several unsuccessful IVF cycles, maybe it is time to seek a second opinion. Each clinic’s approach differs, receiving treatment at a different clinic could result in a healthy conception.


  • You begin to suspect that your doctor lacks empathy and concern for how your treatment is progressing

The patient and the doctor need to tune in well to go ahead with the fertility treatment and if, as a patient, you feel disconnected and unimportant and you start to feel less comfortable expressing your concerns regarding the treatment, then maybe it’s time to move on and consider the second opinion. 


  • Need or desire for a treatment that your present clinic does not provide

There are instances when you attend a clinic that you believe will address all of your problems, but if you discover a treatment that your clinic does not provide, you should seek a second opinion or seek care from another clinic.


  • You’re unsure whether your doctor appropriately diagnosed your condition

While the clinic’s success rates may be high, there can be situations where your doctor may not be able to diagnose and treat the exact concern or may be unsure of the treatment plans. You have to decide when to switch fertility doctors and avoid further complications in such cases. 

Your doctor might suggest you a second opinion

In some situations, your doctor will refer you to another specialist. This could be because the doctor you’re seeing today isn’t well-versed in treating infertility, such as a general practitioner or an OB-GYN. Your doctor may refer you to a colleague who is more experienced with your diagnosis or a clinic that provides the type of treatment and technology that would be best for you. These events indicate that your doctor prioritises your needs and concerns and wants the best for you.

This second opinion gives the patient confidence that they have the accurate infertility diagnosis and are doing everything possible to realise their dream of becoming parents.


When to seek a second opinion?

If you are not satisfied with your current diagnosis or the clinic you can and should go for a second opinion.

Is it okay to shift fertility doctors?

It is important for one to feel connected with the expert, and if that’s not the case seeking a second opinion or switching to another doctor makes more sense.

How do you distinguish which fertility centre is better?

Clinics with more advanced and modern technologies will be able to provide better treatment options to the couple. It depends on the resources that are available for the patients.

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