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Top 6 IVF Myths Busted

  • Published on March 01, 2022
Top 6 IVF Myths Busted

We live in an age of misconception and misinformation where people believe anything they hear and see without confirming with any expert or clinically reliable sources. When we talk about IVF, there are a lot of speculations that have been in our society for a long time. However, many of these are due to a lack of knowledge about it is essential to know exactly what is IVF and the techniques used. Debunking these myths can assist in removing the social stigma connected with the word IVF.

As a couple, it is not easy to come to a conclusion that you may need IVF after trying for at least a year. Even thinking about the whole procedure can turn out to be a daunting and stressful experience. But, every mental pain, every stress, every anxiety at the end of the day feels worth it, as you get to go home with a little miracle in your arms.

If there is anything that even shows the slightest possibility to a couple that they can be parents too, why would they miss a chance just because they are worried about what society will think about it?

#IVF Myth:101 Genetic problems in IVF baby

#Fact: IVF kids have no genetic issues, and even if there are, they are not because they are born through IVF. infact they are due to some pre-existing disorders due to which they had to go for IVF treatment. Male and female fertility problems may lead to genetic disorders. Males having no sperm or low sperm count are more likely to have genetic disorders which may subsequently pass to the children. Genetic abnormalities in IVF kids are caused by people possessing genetically faulty genes, not by the technology,” she adds.

#IVF Myth:102 IVF is opted by infertile couples only

#Fact: Though IVF is used to aid women who are otherwise not able to conceive naturally but we need to understand that it is not necessary for women to be infertile to benefit and opt for IVF. If one of the spouses is suffering from a genetic disease, they may have to go for IVF to protect their baby’s health and longevity. Embryos, before getting transferred to the uterus, are checked for genetic abnormalities, and only healthy embryos are injected by the experts.

#IVF Myth:103 IVF can be done at any age 

#Fact: IVF can only be done till the time your eggs are healthy. As a woman ages, her ovaries and reproductive system also start to age. As she ages, it may become difficult for women to produce enough eggs needed to create a healthy and viable embryo, even with IVF. With age, it might also be possible that her uterus may not be strong enough or may not have that healthy environment to bring a child to term. Before trying IVF, your doctor will explain all possible challenges you as a couple might have to see during the whole  IVF procedure of wanting a baby.

#IVF Myth:104 IVF is never successful on the first try.

#Fact: IVF success is determined by a variety of factors, which include the age of the woman, quality and quantity of eggs and sperm, and other environmental factors. The odds of implantation and the overall health of the woman’s body to carry out the pregnancy are determined by how healthy is her fallopian tube or her uterus.

Though it is difficult to anticipate exactly when the conception takes place through IVF, constant research has shown that 70-75% of IVF patients have reached full-term conception on their first try.

#IVF Myth:105 For IVF to reach conception patient needs complete bed rest

#Fact: Couples who go for IVF usually have this type of thinking that if and when they opt for IVF, they have to be on complete bed rest. This is not the case in which a woman can continue her day-to-day activities during treatment. A working woman might come for an egg retrieval procedure and go back to work the same day or the next. Within one to three days of a transfer, women can resume normal activities and can continue working throughout their pregnancy. An IVF pregnancy should not be treated differently than a normal pregnancy. You must make sure to be as cautious as you should be with normal pregnancy, like picking heavy objects and engaging in strenuous physical activities should be avoided. Yoga, slow walking, and meditation can help strengthen your body and prepare you better for the final day.

#IVF Myth:106 Only rich people can afford IVF

#Fact: Birla Fertility & IVF is one of the best centres to visit for best-in-class fertility services that are not only affordable but also provide personalised treatment plans to the patients. Many couples who belong to the upper-middle and middle class shun IVF treatment as they before even planning the process, assume that it is not their cup of tea and only wealthy and upper-class people can afford it. They even avoid visiting or consulting due to their misconception. It is understandable that it might be costly for some, but now there are centres that provide easy EMI options for couples and have kept their pricing fair and honest, making it affordable to all.

To conclude:-

Stop worrying about what others think about you, what matters is you and your partners’ happiness and needs. If you think IVF is the right option and the only chance, you should go for it without worrying about what society thinks about it. If you are having any second thoughts and want any consultation or counselling, you can book an appointment with Dr. Sugata Mishra, a leading infertility specialist to better understand what IVF is all about and how it can help you and your partner.

Written by:
Dr. Sugata Mishra

Dr. Sugata Mishra

Dr. Sugata Mishra is a fertility specialist known for her expertise in the field of reproductive medicine. She has clinical experience of over 5 years in feild of infertility and more than 10 years in GYN & OBS. Over the years, she has honed her skills in addressing complex fertility challenges such as cases of recurrent pregnancy loss, RIF and endoscopic surgery. Also, she combines fertility expertise with compassionate care, guiding patients towards their dream of parenthood. Dr. Mishra is known for her patient-friendly demeanor, ensuring that every individual feels supported and understood throughout their treatment journey.
Kolkata, West Bengal

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