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Donated sperm has enabled countless couples and individuals to conceive through ART treatments. Donor samples are sourced from government authorised sperm banks where they undergo stringent quality checks. The sperm donors are kept anonymous as per government guidelines. Donor samples can be used in an IVF cycle as well as a stimulated or unstimulated IUI treatment.

At Birla Fertility & IVF, we are partnered with several reliable and reputed sperm banks to source high quality donor samples. We match the samples carefully with the patients based on physical characteristics and blood typing for optimum results.

Why Donor Sperm?

IVF or IUI with donor sperm is recommended in the following situations:

For individuals seeking to become single parents

For couples unable to conceive via IVF because of severe male factor infertility

If there is a high risk of passing on a genetic abnormality or condition to the child on the paternal side

Donor Cycle with Donor Sperm

Donor sperm samples are collected and stored in licensed, registered sperm banks after extensive screening, and are quarantined to eliminate the risk of disease transmission. The sperm sample is then frozen for a period of six months before being used in fertility treatments.

Prior to the procedure (IUI or IVF), the semen sample is evaluated again to check the percentage of motile (normal and forward moving) sperm in the sample. If sperm function is adequate, the sample can either be transferred directly into the uterus for IUI or be used to fertilise eggs harvested from the female partner for IVF.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per guidelines set by the Indian Council of Medical Research, IVF centres cannot establish independent sperm banks. IVF clinics in India partner with reputed and licensed sperm banks which screen and store sperm.

All donors are asked for their extensive medical history including any genetic or underlying condition that they might be suffering from. The collected samples are further screened for a range of illnesses including HIV, HPV as well as for any genetic anomalies. The sample is then quarantined and frozen for 6 months before being thawed and reanalysed before use. This process helps in eliminating the risk of any infection from donor sperm.

Many women worry if IVF treatments hurt. None of the IVF procedures are painful however, they might cause a little discomfort. During the egg retrieval process, the patient will be sedated and will not experience any pain.

Patient Testimonials

Shilpi and Rohan

We had a great experience at the hospital. The hospital has sourced donor samples from government authorised sperm banks, which is an amazing thing. All the members of the staff were helpful and caring.

Shilpi and Rohan

Shilpi and Rohan

Preety and Shivam

We are many of the lucky couples who get ART treatments from Birla Fertility & IVF. For the past few months, we are facing issues related to pregnancy. We approached the hospital, and they offered us the best treatment options.

Preety and Shivam

Preety and Shivam

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