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Dr Rakhi Goyal

Dr Rakhi Goyal

MBBS (PGIMS, Rohtak), MS (Ob & Gyn) (PGIMS, Rohtak), Fellowship of National Board (Reproductive Medicine), Life Member (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction) & (Indian Fertility Society)



Dr Rakhi Goyal is a patient centric and resourceful fertility expert in Chandigarh with over two decades of expert clinical experience in the field of female reproductive medicine. Her thorough knowledge in assisted reproduction and fertility medicine makes her a highly sought after fertility expert who believes in a comprehensive and compassionate approach. A valuable asset in our team of fertility experts.  


Education & Training


She successfully completed her MBBS & MS (Ob & Gyn) from PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana. Following this, she completed the Fellowship of National Board (Reproductive Medicine). With keen interest in the field she maintains her expertise by being a life member for the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction & Indian Fertility Society. 


Focus and procedures


  • IVF & ART procedures
  • Operative Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopic surgeries
  • Obstetric & Gynaecological Ultrasound 
  • Normal Delivery 
  • Vacuum & Forceps Delivery
  • LSCS
  • MTP 
  • Tubal ligation
  • Minor Gynaecological surgeries
  • Hysterectomy and Major Gynaecological Surgeries


Work experience

Dr. Rakhi Goyal started her journey with an in depth training of handling 250+ patients per day at the PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana. From here she went on to become Senior Registrar in Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Government Medical College, Chandigarh. From here on she moved to Gujarat to complete her Fellowship of National Board (Reproductive Medicine). For the last 10 years she has been attached as a fertility expert with multiple IVF & Fertility Clinics. Before joining our team of fertility experts she was the Clinical In-charge, Chandigarh Cluster, at Medicover Fertility.  

Awards & Publications


  • Completed a Prospective study titled-‘Outcome of antagonist protocol with intracytoplasmic sperm injection in patients with or without polycystic ovary syndrome’ 


  • Co-authored a paper titled “Successful pregnancies and a live birth after intracytoplasmic sperm injection in globozoospermia”, published in J Hum Reprod Sci. 2009 Jul–Dec; 2(2): 81–82.


  • Presented a paper titled ‘Outcome of antagonist protocols with ICSI in patients with or without PCOS: A pilot study’ at 16tth National Congress of Indian Society For Assisted Reproduction held at Agra from 4th to 6th March 2011.


  • Presented a paper titled ‘Fertility treatment in patients with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome: Our experience.’ at Fertivision Six, The Sixth National Conference of Indian Fertility Society On Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) held at Nagpur on 20th and 21st November, 2010.


  • Co-authored a paper titled “Vacuum extraction Versus Outlet Forceps” published in Obst & Gynae Today 2008; 12(5): 200-2.


  • Sub investigator for the study-‘A prospective, multicentric, randomized, comparative, open-label, parallel- group phase IV study to evaluate the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of minimal stimulation protocol compared to standard stimulation protocol for ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) in Indian population.’


  • Sub investigator for the study-‘A prospective, multicenter, randomized, open, comparative clinical trial to test efficacy and safety of 2 brands of highly purified follicle-stimulating hormone in subjects undergoing their first cycle of in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection.’

The doctors and support staff are very nice and polite. They always made us comfortable and feel positive, felt it true when they said All Heart. All Science. Even during COVID, I could undergo my IVF treatments with almost no fear as they took a lot of steps to keep us safe. Dr Prachi is very sweet and helpful.

It was our first experience with fertility treatments, and we were quite scared to consider IVF right away. The doctor told us to try stimulated IUI. The entire process was very smooth and not intimidating at all! The team was with us at every step, and we could call them at any time! We are extremely happy, and we are now expecting! Thank you, Birla Fertility & IVF!

We took hormonal therapy with IUI. They gave personalised attention and were extremely helpful and approachable – true to their saying – All Heart. All Science. Their COVID-19 safety measures are commendable, and we felt very safe coming for our injections and consultations. All in all, I would definitely recommend Birla Fertility & IVF!

I am 30 years old and after reading about how work stress, lifestyle, environment affect fertility in women I decided to check out egg freezing last year. I reached Birla Fertility & IVF after a lot of research. The whole process was extremely smooth, and the team made me feel so comfortable throughout and clarified all my apprehensions. Their expression of All Heart. All Science was nice. Very good experience and the cost was reasonable. It is honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It was an easy decision for me to get my eggs frozen at Birla Fertility & IVF. I wanted to plan my pregnancy without having to worry about everyone around telling me that the clock is ticking. Bit of research and a close friend’s recommendation landed me in Birla Fertility & IVF and I really liked it when the counsellor explained All Heart. All Science. A reliable and safe process. I am so much more at ease now!

We decided to go for only one embryo implantation and freeze the remaining two. We came to BFI for our next attempt at pregnancy. Really liked the facility, it is quite comfortable and clean. The process was also very smooth. We hardly had to wait, and the doctors and staff were very friendly and supportive. Very happy with the care.

Birla Fertility helped us find hope again. We had two failed IVF cycles before coming here. The doctors counselled us and told us to try a FET cycle. They were with us at every step and we felt that they lived up to their promise of – All Heart. All Science. We became parents two weeks back and we are so happy! Thank you for helping us become a family!

We loved the personalised attention we got at Birla Fertility. They spend so much time with each of us and are always available. My husband and I were extremely comfortable with the whole team and our treatment is going wonderfully. Definitely recommend this for anyone who wishes to conceive but is unable to do so. Like they said – All Heart. All Science. – they stayed true to it.

I am a happy customer of Birla Fertility & IVF. I have been in constant touch with the team since I conceived IVF. Their doctors are wonderful, very caring, and very helpful. During my whole IVF treatment, the whole team gave amazing support to me and my whole family.

The entire Birla Fertility & IVF team is a perfect combination of top-notch skills with great care and medical facility. All of the staff members are professional and helpful. They set the bar high for quality healthcare. I will unquestionably recommend Birla Fertility for IVF treatment.

The Birla Fertility team is very helpful with every step of the IVF treatment. After discussing and a few check-ups, the doctor suggested an intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedure. The whole process was so smooth. Thank you for all your support!

All the staff members of the Birla Fertility & IVF are genuinely good and honest. Everyone in the hospital is very caring. Their friendliness and helpful nature are very much appreciated! Thank you, Birla Fertility.

I had a good experience with my IVF treatment in Birla Fertility & IVF. The whole team was very supportive, motivated and well managed throughout the IVF treatment. The doctors’ team recommended a frozen embryo transfer, and everything went well. I would highly recommend Birla Fertility to all couples suffering from infertility. Thanks to the whole team.

We had an amazing experience with this clinic. For them, every patient was their priority. The doctors’ team takes care of all queries. We cannot describe in words our happiness after conceiving in the first IVF cycle. We are grateful to Birla Fertility and the entire team.

Before coming to Birla Fertility & IVF, we had three failed fertility treatments. Because of this, we were in fear that even this effort might not be successful. But, doctors in Birla Fertility hospital were excellent. They made all our tests run very smoothly. Every step was explained well by the team. The lab team was very cooperative during our blastocyst culture. Now, we are pregnant! Thank you, Birla Fertility & IVF!

We are overwhelmed with joy. The whole process from coming to the Birla Fertility and conceiving is just marvellous. The entire team including, doctors, nurses, lab attendants, and everyone, are very helpful at the hospital. The pricing of the whole IVF process is affordable. Thank you, team Birla Fertility & IVF, for your care and support.

It was a good and smooth experience with Birla Fertility. The support staff and nursing staff were helpful as well. Overall we had a great and positive experience. I am highly impressed with the quality of work they provide. Thanks, Birla Fertility!

I got in touch with Birla Fertility & IVF for my IVF treatment. I must say, the doctors and the staff of Birla Fertility were helpful. The whole process was pretty smooth, and the team made me feel so comfortable throughout the process and clarified all my anxieties related to IVF. Great experience and the cost was inexpensive. It was honestly one of the best choices I had ever made.

Birla Fertility has an incredible team and offers excellent services. I highly recommend Birla Fertility for IVF treatment. They have a well-trained professional to take care of their patients. In addition, the hospital has all the services and treatment options that a person needs.

Preparing for testicular sperm aspiration during IVF treatment was a very stressful time. The doctor remained patient and extremely helpful throughout our IVF treatment. Thank you, Birla Fertility, for fulfilling all our needs.

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