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Sperm Freezing Cost in India: Everything You Need to Know

  • Published on August 28, 2023
Sperm Freezing Cost in India: Everything You Need to Know

Reproductive health has seen considerable changes recently as a result of the development of medical technology. One such cutting-edge method that allows for the preservation of male fertility is sperm freezing, commonly known as sperm cryopreservation. Due to its potential advantages for people undergoing medical treatments that can affect their reproductive health as well as those who prefer to put off having children for a variety of reasons, this method has grown in popularity in India. However, sperm freezing has related fees, just like any medical operation. This article explains the process of sperm freezing, the varied sperm freezing costs in India, their importance, and the variables that affect them.

Understanding Sperm Freezing

  • Sperm Freezing Procedure:

In order to keep sperm cells viable over time, sperm freezing entails carefully keeping them at extremely low temperatures, usually in liquid nitrogen. A sample of the person’s semen is taken in the first step of the procedure. The sperm and seminal fluid are then separated from this sample through processing. In order to preserve the cells from damage brought on by the production of ice crystals during freezing, the separated sperm is combined with a cryoprotectant solution. After processing, the sperm is placed in vials or straws for long-term preservation. These containers are gradually chilled to extremely low temperatures and submerged in liquid nitrogen.

  • Benefits and Advantages of Sperm Freezing:

Sperm freezing has a number of advantages, especially for those who are dealing with situations that could risk their fertility. For men enduring medical procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or operations that could affect their capacity to generate healthy sperm. Additionally, as a precaution, people in high-risk jobs or those who want to travel widely may decide to freeze their sperm. Couples using In vitro fertilisation (IVF) or other assisted reproductive treatments can also guarantee a steady supply of sperm samples for use in subsequent operations.

  • Success Rates and Viability of Frozen Sperm:

Although the freezing and thawing steps in the sperm freezing procedure are intended to preserve sperm cells, it’s crucial to remember that not all sperm will endure the procedure. Success rates can vary depending on elements like the original sample’s quality, the freezing method used, and the level of skill of the medical specialists involved. Normally, sperm that make it through the thawing process can still fertilise an egg, but to varied degrees of success.

Cost of Sperm Freezing in India

The average cost to freeze sperm in India may range between Rs. 20,000 to 50,000. This is an approximate cost range for fertility preservation, however, the additional charges that are said to be added on an annual basis, particularly for cryopreservation. Also, the cost to freeze sperm may vary from one individual to another based on the duration for which you are getting it frozen. The technique of sperm freezing entails gathering, processing, and preserving sperm samples at extremely low temperatures in a controlled setting. This procedure aids in preserving the viability of sperm cells for a protracted period of time, frequently enabling people to maintain their fertility even in the presence of possible infertility threats. In addition to people receiving cancer treatment, people in high-risk jobs, couples choosing in vitro fertilisation (IVF), and people who want to secure their future reproductive possibilities can all benefit from sperm freezing.

Contributing Factors that Affect the Final Cost of Sperm Freezing in India

Here are a few contributing factors that can impact the estimation of the final cost of sperm freezing in India:

  1. The reputation of the fertility clinic: The calibre and reputation of the clinic or facility providing sperm-freezing services significantly affect the price. Reputable clinics with cutting-edge technology and knowledgeable employees could bill more for their services.
  2. Location of the fertility clinic: Depending on the location of India, sperm freezing costs can change. Metropolitan areas frequently have a higher cost of living, which might result in higher expenditures for medical services.
  3. The number of sperm samples collected: In order to improve their chances of undergoing successful fertility treatments in the future, some people might decide to freeze multiple samples. The price may go up depending on how many samples are taken and kept.
  4. The type of package: Different fertility clinics provide different packages that could also include other services like sperm analysis, genetic testing, or fertility specialist consultations. The overall cost may be impacted by these inclusions.
  5. Duration of sperm storage: The price may vary depending on how long the sperm samples will be kept. Higher expenditures could be experienced with longer storage periods.
  6. Additional treatment (if required): The entire cost may involve other procedures if sperm freezing is a component of a more extensive reproductive treatment programme, such as IVF or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).
  7. Medical Insurance Coverage: Depending on the severity of the condition, some insurance policies may offer coverage for part of the bill. It’s crucial to ask the insurance company for specific coverage information.

Importance of Sperm Freezing

Following are a few things that may help you understand the significance of sperm freezing:

Going under medical treatment:

Sperm freezing is a lifesaver for people with medical issues that could impair their ability to conceive. Sperm cells may suffer irreparable harm as a result of cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Before beginning these therapies, sperm freezing gives individuals the opportunity to maintain their fertility.

Plans for delaying parenthood:

Delaying parenthood for personal or professional reasons is common in today’s culture, which is changing quickly. When a person is ready, they have the choice to freeze their sperm in order to have biological children.

Genetic preservation: Due to a family history of genetic diseases, some people may choose to freeze their sperm in order to preserve their genetic material. By doing this, they can guarantee future pregnancies will be healthier.

Assisted reproductive technique: Sperm freezing is essential for couples looking to use assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or ICSI. It increases the likelihood of a successful pregnancy by providing an easily accessible source of sperm for fertilisation.


Sperm freezing becomes a useful technique at a time when fertility preservation is becoming more and more important. Preserving their capacity to become pregnant, even in difficult situations, gives people the ability to take charge of their reproductive future. The viability and success rates of sperm freezing are projected to increase with continued improvements in medical research and technology, giving hope to people looking to protect their fertility for years to come. In the area of reproductive health, sperm freezing has become a game-changing tool that gives individuals and couples struggling with infertility hope and possibilities. The price of sperm freezing in India varies depending on a number of variables, including the clinic’s reputation, location, what the package includes, and others. The advantages and chances it provides for preserving fertility and family planning cannot be emphasised, despite the fact that the cost appears to be high. Sperm freezing is anticipated to get easier and less expensive as technology develops, bringing its advantages to a wider range of people in society who want to delay parenthood or have any other reason. Call us to schedule a free appointment with our specialist if you have want to go for sperm freezing and need expert guidance OR you can visit our Fertility Centers for more assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is sperm freezing safe and effective?

It is said that sperm is frozen at a constant low temperature, which helps keep frozen sperm viable and safe. In addition, sperm freezing is an effective process to preserve fertility.

  • How is frozen semen stored?

An expert will split the collected sperm sample and use different vials in order to store it. The vials are later kept in a container that has liquid nitrogen.

  • How long can I have my sperm stored?

There is no limit to the duration of sperm storage, you can do it for however long you want. But it is necessary and vital that the sample be stored properly inside the liquid nitrogen container.

  • Does frozen sperm cause any birth defects?

Not really, the sperm is frozen after a screening, which reduces the chances of birth defects. However, the circumstances and result may change depending on the type of fertility clinic, how well the sample was stored, etc.

  • How many sperm samples can I store?

The number of samples you want to get stored depends on your choice and the type of plan you have chosen at the fertility clinic. Also, it is always advisable to speak to a fertility specialist about it to get a clear idea and expert advice after telling them your expectations from the process.

Written by:
Dr. Souren Bhattacharjee

Dr. Souren Bhattacharjee

Dr. Souren Bhattacharjee is a distinguished IVF specialist with over 32 years of experience, spanning across India and prestigious institutions in the UK, Bahrain, and Bangladesh. His expertise covers the comprehensive management of male and female infertility. He has been trained in infertility management from various reputed institutes in India and UK including the esteemed John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK.
Over 32 Years of Experience
Kolkata, West Bengal

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