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Who needs IVF? Who needs IVF?

Who needs IVF treatment?

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Goal of IVF

Couples who have already given a chance to all other treatment options for conceiving and are still unsuccessful are the ones who should move ahead with IVF. When it comes to the crucial decision of when couples should address infertility and when it should be postponed or avoided. So, it is evident that holding on to the thought of pregnancy indefinitely is no longer an option because it risks converting reduced fertility to infertility.

For couples for whom fertility treatments did not work and have given unsuccessful results, IVF might be the right choice for them. Earlier, IVF was developed for women with tubal factor infertility, which means their fallopian tubes were not working.

Situations in which IVF would be a good option

  • Nonfunctional fallopian tube
  • Age-related infertility 
  • Endometriosis 
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Multiple unsuccessful cycles 
  • Male infertility 
  • Problem ovulating due to irregular menstrual cycles
  • Tubal litigation

Some issues explained

Age-related infertility

We are all aware that the ovarian reserve deteriorates with age. If the woman is under the age of 35, the quality and quantity of eggs are good and more mature, and more embryos can be created, resulting in a greater birth rate per cycle. IVF is an option for women who are unable to create enough high-quality eggs on their own. The previous IVF success rates of women of your age should also be taken into consideration because as the age increases chances of quality eggs decreases.


Unsuccessful IUI and other fertility treatments

Couples often choose IUI first because it is less expensive than IVF, but after several unsuccessful cycles of IUI, IVF is the best option because it has a high rate of successful babies.



Regardless of whether fertility medications or IUI are utilised, the egg will inevitably come into contact with toxic pelvic secretions as they reach the fallopian tube(s), but this issue can be avoided in IVF treatment.


Tubal litigation

Some tubal ligations are reversible, while others are not. The specialists cannot repair the tube if too much damage has been done in the ligation process. The mother’s age and the number of children the couple wants can influence the decision to undergo IVF.

Who should not opt for IVF

  • Untreated infections of the reproductive system
  • Women suffering from health issues
  • Untreated infectious diseases
  • Women with severely damaged endometrial linings 

IVF is not just an infertility treatment and is definitely not meant for everyone. Therefore, before deciding on a remedy, make sure to treat the problem before trying for IVF.

(Note: Before deciding the clinic make sure to know all about IVF treatment cost of the selected centre beforehand)


How do I know if I need an IVF treatment?

If you are not able to conceive for more than a year, consulting a specialist might give you better clarity about not being able to conceive and might suggest an IVF treatment for conceiving.

Are babies born through IVF normal?

Yes, babies born through IVF are normal.

Are IVF procedures painful?

No, IVF treatments are not painful as such but you might feel a little discomfort during the procedure but that’s not the case for every woman.


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