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Taking care of your body before IVF Taking care of your body before IVF

Taking care of your body before IVF

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Preparing your body for IVF

Before starting the IVF treatments it’s best to prepare your body for IVF treatment both physically and mentally. IVF journey can help you to maximise your chances of successful conception.

Preparing for IVF Diet

Before you step into the IVF journey, it is recommended that you should always prepare your body for the procedure.

  • Focus on eating healthy and preparing a well-balanced diet plan
  • Always take prenatal vitamins as suggested by your healthcare provider
  • Stop excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eliminate or reduce the consumption of coffee or caffeinated drinks

How to prepare for IVF cycle

Uncertainty about the method and the adverse effects of treatment contribute to some of the worry and anxiety that come along with IVF.

Before you begin IVF, we recommend watching the IVF journey videos and reading blogs about other couples experiences to assist you to understand the multiple hurdles that occur during the process to better prepare yourself in advance. 

  • Get all the fertility tests done before you start the IVF cycle

Tests like ovarian reserve testing, semen analysis, screening for infectious diseases, and examining uterine cavity.

  • Quit unhealthy habits

Quit smoking at least 3 months before you try to get pregnant through IVF or otherwise also.

Smoking and drinking are harmful to your general health, but they can also influence your fertility and IVF success. Smoking and drinking may have an effect on the quality of sperm and eggs.

Work on your diet and exercise plan

Before you start trying to conceive, talk to your doctor about what a healthy weight is for you and devise a diet and exercise plan to get you there. It not only improves your odds of IVF success but also lowers your risks of difficulties after you’re pregnant.


When should one start preparing for IVF?

The preparation period begins two to four weeks before your IVF cycle begins. It is necessary to make lifestyle modifications to ensure you’re at your healthiest.

What should I avoid during IVF?

Fizzy drinks, refined sugar and eatables high in carbohydrates such as potatoes, white rice and bread should be avoided.

Is IVF painful?

The majority of people report no adverse effects, however, a few might experience bloating and mild cramping.

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