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Things to avoid if diagnosed with infertility Things to avoid if diagnosed with infertility

Things to avoid if diagnosed with infertility

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After getting diagnosed with infertility

Infertility is not easy to deal with, but it’s essential to make things less hard for ourselves. Couples need to realise that self-blaming and self-sabotaging won’t solve the problem. Infertility drains both mentally and physically, making every day full of stress and anxiety.

If you have trouble conceiving, here are a few things you should stop doing as they may help you live a better life.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Every person’s body is different, and every treatment works differently. So, comparing can only make things worse in your relationship. Some may get pregnant on their first attempt, while others may need to try four to six IVF cycles with little or no success. So, stop comparing your physique to someone else’s and your pregnancy path to someone else’s.

Stop falling for a two-week cycle

When you are trying to conceive, it’s natural to fall into the trap of a two-week cycle, the two daunting weeks, one for ovulation and the second week you wait to take the pregnancy test.

Stop overthinking

Don’t let infertility take control of your life, you must accept the situation and try other conceiving methods like IVF and be hopeful. It is essential for the females to not stress over things that aren’t in control. If natural pregnancy does not happen, visit your fertility specialist and opt for IVF. But, avoid making it the centre of your universe; otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your day-to-day existence.

Stop thinking of sexual intercourse as fragmented

Once diagnosed with infertility, sex can start to deteriorate from pleasure to something you do just for the sake of conceiving. It is important to consider all aspects of sexual intercourse and start feeling and doing things you used to enjoy- passion, warm sentiments and intimacy. 

Stop trying to do it all on your own

You do not need to stay secluded from your family and friends. Keeping infertility and its treatment a complete secret can be psychologically painful and traumatising.

Discussing your feelings and your treatment procedure with your close ones can make things easier and less painful to deal with. 

Let your heart out, share your worries and all your inbuilt fears with the people you trust the most.


How to handle insensitive comments in infertility?

It is best to change the subject because you are not obligated to answer everyone or handle the conversation maturely and politely. 

How to cope with infertility stress?

Focus on the present and stop living your life by worrying and stressing over things that aren’t in your control. Start involving yourself in activities that could help distract your mind.

How to deal with a distanced and unsupportive partner?

Try having a healthy conversation and find reasons for any challenges the partner might be feeling. Assist each other in determining the source of any distress.

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