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Birla Fertility and IVF has further expanded its footprints in Delhi. The new facility established at the premises of existing state of art hospital - The CK Birla Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, West Delhi. The centre is known for providing world class clinical services across multiple specialties to nearby and distant communities. It has excelled in providing clinically reliable global quality and service standards while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

Birla Fertility & IVF, a leading IVF clinic in Delhi, provides cutting-edge fertility treatments and offers a wide spectrum of treatments and diagnostic services right from genetic screening, diagnostics, laparoscopic & gynecological procedures to donor services.

We are constantly modernizing our fertility care via providing multidisciplinary treatment with the support of our integrated team of Nutritionists, Counsellors, Endocrinologists, and Andrologists who work in tandem with our fertility experts.

Our IVF specialists have successfully conducted over 21,000 IVF cycles and are internationally acclaimed for their treatment plans and proven results. Our promise to every patient visiting us for IVF treatment is to receive high-quality fertility care that is tailored to their specific medical needs. In addition to assisting couples unlock their dreams of parenthood through IVF treatment, our experts guide you through each phase and help navigate the psychological and emotional challenges during the course of treatment.

We bring to you the proven and tested advanced clinical treatment options adhering to global standards, which include plans for fertility preservation and ovarian tissue freezing for cancer patients. Our IVF doctors are committed to assisting you in taking the first steps towards parenthood.


57/41, Rd Number 41,
Inside CK Birla Hospital,
West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh,
New Delhi, Delhi 110026


Monday - Wednesday | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Closed on Thursday
Friday - Sunday | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Our Range of Fertility Solutions

Infertility Treatments

Problems with fertility are both emotionally and medically challenging. At Birla Fertility & IVF, we focus on providing you with supportive, personalized care at every step of your journey towards becoming a parent.

Male Infertility

Male factor infertility accounts for almost 40%-50% of all infertility cases. Decreased sperm function can be the result of genetic, lifestyle, medical or environmental factors. Fortunately, most causes of male factor infertility can be easily diagnosed and treated.

We offer a comprehensive range of sperm retrieval procedures and treatments for couples with male factor infertility or sexual dysfunction.

Donor Services

We offer a comprehensive and supportive donor program to our patients who require donor sperm or donor eggs in their fertility treatments. We are partnered with reliable, government authorised banks to source quality assured donor samples which are carefully matched to you based on blood type and physical characteristics.

Fertility Preservation

Whether you have made an active decision to delay parenthood or are about to undergo medical treatments that may affect your reproductive health, we can help you explore options to preserve your fertility for the future.

Gynaecological Procedures

Some conditions that impact fertility in women such as blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, fibroids, and T-shaped uterus may be treatable with surgery. We offer a range of advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures to diagnose and treat these issues.

Diagnostics and Screening

Complete range of basic and advanced fertility investigations to diagnose causes of male and female infertility, making way for personalized treatment plans.

Our Doctors

Patient Testimonials

The doctors and support staff are very nice and polite. They always made us comfortable and feel positive. Even during COVID, I could undergo my IVF treatments with almost no fear as they took a lot of steps to keep us safe. Dr Prachi is very sweet and helpful.

It was our first experience with fertility treatments, and we were quite scared to consider IVF right away. The doctor told us to try stimulated IUI. The entire process was very smooth and not intimidating at all! The team was with us at every step, and we could call them at any time! We are extremely happy, and we are now expecting! Thank you, Birla Fertility & IVF!

I am happy with my IUI (fertility treatment) from Birla Fertility & IVF. The doctor and his team were very kind enough to tell us about the whole process of IUI that involves artificial insemination. The best part is I have conceived in the very first IVF treatment. I am so grateful to everyone at Birla Fertility.

Birla Fertility & IVF is one of the best IVF and infertility centres in Gurgaon. The doctors are very dedicated and understanding, and the staff is also friendly and supportive. Thank you, Birla Fertility & IVF, for fulfilling my dream of becoming a parent.

We were planning for our first child in 2019, but we were unable to conceive. One of my good friends suggested that I should contact the Birla Fertility & IVF centre in Gurgaon. I am speechless, the service they provide. Everyone over there treats us as their family member. The doctor discusses all the steps and procedures of IVF with us. Thank you, everyone, for making my IVF pregnancy so smooth.

We decided to go for only one embryo implantation and freeze the remaining two. We came to BFI for our next attempt at pregnancy. Really liked the facility, it is quite comfortable and clean. The process was also very smooth. We hardly had to wait, and the doctors and staff were very friendly and supportive. Very happy with the care.

Birla Fertility helped us find hope again. We had two failed IVF cycles before coming here. The doctors counselled us and told us to try a FET cycle. They were with us at every step. We became parents two weeks back and we are so happy! Thank you for helping us become a family!

Our dreams came true the day we decided to visit Birla Fertility & IVF and their team. After years of unsuccessful attempts and other treatments, we decided to switch fertility doctors and start IVF with Birla Fertility. Everyone from the front office to financial planners, nurses and specialists have exceeded our expectations with their in-depth knowledge of the process, flexibility in schedules and empathy with every step. I’m very grateful to Birla Fertility & IVF for all the support and attention.

I am a happy customer of Birla Fertility & IVF. I have been in constant touch with the team since I conceived IVF. Their doctors are wonderful, very caring, and very helpful. During my whole IVF treatment, the whole team gave amazing support to me and my whole family.

The entire Birla Fertility & IVF team is a perfect combination of top-notch skills with great care and medical facility. All of the staff members are professional and helpful. They set the bar high for quality healthcare. I will unquestionably recommend Birla Fertility for IVF treatment.

The Birla Fertility team is very helpful with every step of the IVF treatment. After discussing and a few check-ups, the doctor suggested an intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedure. The whole process was so smooth. Thank you for all your support!

All the staff members of the Birla Fertility & IVF are genuinely good and honest. Everyone in the hospital is very caring. Their friendliness and helpful nature are very much appreciated! Thank you, Birla Fertility.

I had a good experience with my IVF treatment in Birla Fertility & IVF. The whole team was very supportive, motivated and well managed throughout the IVF treatment. The doctors’ team recommended a frozen embryo transfer, and everything went well. I would highly recommend Birla Fertility to all couples suffering from infertility. Thanks to the whole team.

We had an amazing experience with this clinic. For them, every patient was their priority. The doctors’ team takes care of all queries. We cannot describe in words our happiness after conceiving in the first IVF cycle. We are grateful to Birla Fertility and the entire team.

Before coming to Birla Fertility & IVF, we had three failed fertility treatments. Because of this, we were in fear that even this effort might not be successful. But, doctors in Birla Fertility hospital were excellent. They made all our tests run very smoothly. Every step was explained well by the team. The lab team was very cooperative during our blastocyst culture. Now, we are pregnant! Thank you, Birla Fertility & IVF!

We are overwhelmed with joy. The whole process from coming to the Birla Fertility and conceiving is just marvellous. The entire team including, doctors, nurses, lab attendants, and everyone, are very helpful at the hospital. The pricing of the whole IVF process is affordable. Thank you, team Birla Fertility & IVF, for your care and support.

It was a good and smooth experience with Birla Fertility. The support staff and nursing staff were helpful as well. Overall we had a great and positive experience. I am highly impressed with the quality of work they provide. Thanks, Birla Fertility!

I got in touch with Birla Fertility & IVF for my IVF treatment. I must say, the doctors and the staff of Birla Fertility were helpful. The whole process was pretty smooth, and the team made me feel so comfortable throughout the process and clarified all my anxieties related to IVF. Great experience and the cost was inexpensive. It was honestly one of the best choices I had ever made.

Birla Fertility has an incredible team and offers excellent services. I highly recommend Birla Fertility for IVF treatment. They have a well-trained professional to take care of their patients. In addition, the hospital has all the services and treatment options that a person needs.

Preparing for testicular sperm aspiration during IVF treatment was a very stressful time. The doctor remained patient and extremely helpful throughout our IVF treatment. Thank you, Birla Fertility, for fulfilling all our needs.

I would like to thank Birla Fertility and their team from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful job they have done. Doctors were very cooperative, as were their staff. I approached the hospital, after a few check-ups, the doctor suggested percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration, and I must say, I had a great experience in this hospital.

Well, I would say the entire hospital team is great. They have a great team of doctors and professionals. They closely monitor their patients and resolve all the doubts. The best part is the entire team was very helpful and trustworthy.

Many thanks to the Birla Fertility team for their constant support. They have the best team for male infertility treatment. The doctor suggested a Micro TESE procedure, which was very smooth. Highly recommend this place if you are looking for some kind of fertility treatment.

I would highly recommend Birla Fertility & IVF. The staff members are competent, calm, and available when anyone needs help. Thank you for accompanying us in every step of our way towards parenthood.

I must say that Birla Fertility & IVF have world-class fertility and treatment services at transparent and affordable prices. To all the management and staff, thank you for all your kindness and caring during my varicocele repair treatment.

Birla Fertility & IVF is one of the most trusted IVF centres that you can believe in. The management team makes sure to maintain a high quality of care and patient safety. I would highly recommend couples who are opting for IVF.

I had a great experience while I was visiting Birla Fertility for my biopsy. The hospital staff were amazing, cooperative, and doctors are very good. Whenever I visit there it’s been an excellent experience and everyone is very cooperative.

I would strongly recommend Birla Fertility & IVF for all infertility related treatment. The doctors were amazing, the nursing staff and other members were very cooperative. The ambience of the hospital is really good with a positive atmosphere.

I had a good experience at the Birla Fertility & IVF. All employees were well-coordinated, friendly and supportive. I used to have doubts about whether I made the right decision when visiting the hospital. After visiting the hospital, I am happy that I chose the correct hospital. Many thanks to their team of doctors who were very positive, supportive, and helpful. Highly recommend the hospital.

We had a wonderful experience with the Birla Fertility & IVF. I thank the whole team for their excellent job. The doctor was very polite and caring. All the staff are excellent and very helpful.

I recently approached Birla Fertility & IVF for donor egg services. I am happy with the process- the best part is they let us know about all government authorised agencies they sourced for high-quality donor eggs. The hospital has the best team, wonderful doctors, and I had the overall great experience.

I am happy with the services they provide to couples. I got in touch with the Birla Fertility & IVF for donor egg services. The hospital has world-class IVF services with clear and affordable pricing. The doctors’ team, the staff, and other people were very supportive throughout the process.

We had a great experience at the hospital. The hospital has sourced donor samples from government authorised sperm banks, which is an amazing thing. All the members of the staff were helpful and caring.

We are many of the lucky couples who get ART treatments from Birla Fertility & IVF. For the past few months, we are facing issues related to pregnancy. We approached the hospital, and they offered us the best treatment options.

First of all, I would like to thank the Birla Fertility doctors and staff for making us feel happy with a positive result. All the services are top-notch with full support and care. Thank you, everyone.

Best IVF hospital in Gurgaon. All the latest technology and facilities are available at Birla Fertility. As of now, we do not want a baby, so our doctor suggested egg freezing. It is a good option for people like us who are not ready for a family. The doctors’ team and the staff were very professional and helpful. Fully satisfied with the IVF treatment experience.

At the start of 2020, we came to Birla Fertility & IVF Hospital for our family planning consultation. After having a good discussion with our doctor, we decided to have sperm freezing. Due to COVID, we do not want to plan our family, also the COVID situation was uncertain. Five months back, we decided to have a family. Thank you, Birla Fertility, for making our dreams come true. The whole team, including doctors, nurses, office staff, were helpful and cooperative. We strongly recommend this hospital for any IVF related treatment.

I conceived with IVF in the first cycle after five years of marriage at Birla Fertility & IVF. I am grateful to all doctors, staff, and other team members, for being so supportive and understanding throughout the journey. The hospital offers the best infertility treatment.

I am very thankful to Birla Fertility & IVF for the best care and treatment provided to me. I have a good experience while having my hormonal assay for the ovarian reserve test. The team was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I will highly recommend the hospital.

We heartily recommend that you should visit Birla Fertility for any IVF and infertility related issues. The whole team of the hospital were professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, and courteous. The facilities provided by the hospital are top-notch. The hospital’s team takes extra care to accommodate all requirements. They also pay attention to the smallest detail you need, despite having a substantial number of patients. Overall, we are happy with our experience.

Birla Fertility & IVF is one of the best IVF hospitals in Gurgaon. Doctors and staff members were so good and well experienced. I visited the hospital for my advanced laparoscopy procedure. Everything went well. The team provides proper care and suggestions throughout the treatment. I’ll recommend this hospital to all those who are looking for IVF treatment.

The hospital has the finest team of doctors and other staff members. They all were very cooperative throughout the procedure. I am glad that I chose this hospital for my IVF journey. Thanks to everyone for their support.

I am grateful to the team of Birla Fertility & IVF for my smooth hysteroscopy process. I was having a problem with abnormal uterine bleeding, which eventually affects my ovulation. The overall experience with the hospital was very satisfying and easy.

As a healthcare team, the Birla Fertility team is the best. When it comes to IVF treatment and other fertility treatments, the team ensures you provide the best facilities and care. They have all the latest technology with advanced medical equipment. Highly recommend the hospital.

We have been trying to conceive for the past two years but did not get a positive result. We choose Birla Fertility for our IVF treatment. The whole team of doctors, nurses, and other staff members were very supportive and helpful. We are halfway through the treatment process and very excited to share the good news with our family.

One of my friends suggested Birla Fertility & IVF. When we visited the hospital, firstly, the doctor asked us about our medical history, and on that basis, the hospital set up an infertility assessment panel. The panel then identifies the best suitable treatment for us. I must say the Birla Fertility’s team was extremely helpful and patient. They took all the required testing without making us uncomfortable. They counsel us regarding all our needs. Must visit the hospital for your IVF treatment.

We will highly recommend Birla Fertility & IVF for all pregnancy-related treatment. We are extremely happy that we are under the care of this hospital. They have all the advanced facilities like 3D ultrasound/colour doppler at the hospital. It is the best IVF hospital in Gurgaon to get IVF treatment.

Thank you! Birla Fertility & IVF for your support. I had a great experience with your staff. All are professional, approachable, and helpful. So far, it is one of the best IVF hospitals I have ever visited. I must say a great combination of healthcare and facilities.

As per my experience, I’ll say 100% trustworthy IVF hospital. They have all the facilities that a couple need throughout the IVF treatment. The best technology, the best equipment, best overall facilities for fertility treatment under one roof. Thank You, Birla Fertility & IVF.

I recommend Birla Fertility & IVF hospital for all infertility treatments. Fantastic service and good staff make the hospital more trustworthy and helpful. All the staff members were amazing, supportive, and had good clinical experiences. All the doctors’ understand the feelings of every patient. Thank you.

Birla Fertility & IVF has truly been a life-changing experience for me from day one. When we met our doctor, we discussed all our worries and concerns with him. The doctor recommended a few tests, and one of them was advanced semen analysis. It was only because of the hospital’s teamwork that we could have a positive result. We had a great experience with the doctor’s team, who solved all my queries. Thank you, Birla Fertility.

A big thanks to the Birla Fertility team for guiding me well through my IVF treatment. I will highly recommend the IVF hospital to everyone who is looking for a safe IVF procedure.

We got in touch with Birla Fertility & IVF when we decided to have a family. After discussing all our concerns, the doctor suggested preimplantation genetic screening. The process was all smooth and went well. I continued with the IVF treatment. Just in the eight months of starting the treatment, I tested positive on my pregnancy test. Amazing services!

I am happy to share my experience with the Birla Fertility & IVF team. All the team members were highly knowledgeable, well trained, professional, and helpful. I communicate with the team about my anxiety, and they treat me like a family member. Thanks to the whole team, great job!

I acknowledge the whole team of Birla Fertility & IVF for their kind nature and expert advice. At the hospital, I got their support throughout the IVF procedure. Our family has a genetic disease history, so we don’t want our baby to have the same. When we asked our doctor regarding this, she suggested a preimplantation genetic diagnosis. The whole team was very kind enough to provide us with in-depth information regarding the process. Thanks, doctors and staff members, for the incredible support.

I am happy with the services they provided us. I approached the Birla Fertility & IVF for IVF treatment services. The hospital has world-class IVF services with affordable pricing. The doctors’ team, the staff, and other people were very supportive throughout the process.

Birla Fertility & IVF is the best infertility treatment hospital in Gurgaon. When we visited the hospital and met the doctor, he asked us about our medical history and set up a panel to discuss the best treatment for us. The hospital has an excellent staff and the best doctors’ team. They all are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Thank you for your services.

I would strongly recommend people who are struggling to become parents, do visit Birla Fertility & IVF. The whole staff was very helpful throughout my procedures. They use the best technology and medical equipment.

We took hormonal therapy with IUI. They gave personalised attention and were extremely helpful and approachable. Their COVID-19 safety measures are commendable, and we felt very safe coming for our injections and consultations. All in all, I would definitely recommend Birla Fertility & IVF!

I am 30 years old and after reading about how work stress, lifestyle, environment affect fertility in women I decided to check out egg freezing last year. I reached Birla Fertility & IVF after a lot of research. The whole process was extremely smooth, and the team made me feel so comfortable throughout and clarified all my apprehensions. Very good experience and the cost was quite reasonable. It is honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It was an easy decision for me to get my eggs frozen at Birla Fertility & IVF. I wanted to plan my pregnancy without having to worry about everyone around telling me that the clock is ticking. Bit of research and a close friend’s recommendation landed me in Birla Fertility & IVF. A reliable and safe process. I am so much more at ease now!

We loved the personalised attention we got at Birla Fertility. They spend so much time with each of us and are always available. My husband and I were extremely comfortable with the whole team and our treatment is going wonderfully. Definitely recommend this for anyone who wishes to conceive but is unable to do so.